Come for the coffee, stay for the marketing (click image for full article)

Cowocoffee didn't start out that way.

Originally I was only going to sell to family & friends only because roasting and shipping 30+ lbs. of coffee a month wasn't cheap (friends & family will rarely volunteer to pay shipping while asking when will the coffee arrive lol).  However after a few trials at my day job it became apparent I had a target audience and market.

But I also love marketing so I did not want to complete abandon small business owners because entrepreneurism is my passion. Not just start-ups, start from scratches are my specialty. 

So I completely scratched my original business name & branding and decided that we entrepreneurs deserve our own online space to become creative.  Many areas across the USA do not even have local co-working spaces.  Enter CowoCoffee.

We after the late night workers, the early risers, the all dayers.  So who deserve the best coffee more than us?  That is what Cowo delivers.  The best bean, the freshest roast, and a community of the brightest minds.

I am a certified digital marketer with over 5 years of online marketing experience (it's closer to 7 years but those first two years were trial and error).  In the private group you'll have access to several digital marketers, business coaches, and likeminded business owners like yourself.

Well that's it for now and stay tuned as Ill drop articles once a week or so with great insights into entrepreneurial mindset shifts, motivational videos I've found, or just plain ole "whoops" don't do this type information.

Welcome to CowoCoffee,