Siphon Coffee Catering

Elevate your next event by adding coffee catering! Make your event unique! No matter if it's a wedding, social event, convention, or meeting we can elevate the experience.

All of our coffee drinks are handmade using siphon coffee makers & a manual frother. Flat white, coming right up. Cappuccino, be right there. Being that every cup is made fresh and to order every coffee drink becomes an experience.

We assist in making your event or day special by roasting & cooling your coffee beans the morning of the event. Fresh beans + special care per cup = a memorable coffee bar experience.

Start with the best grade beans, roast with an infrared roaster, find out the specific roast profile of a bean, no-boil brew and viola'... coffee wow!

So why siphon coffee catering?

  1. It's a better tasting coffee. Bean freshness is key. Roast profile is key. Fresh roast is key. Quickest way to screw that all up?  Boiling water.  Siphon method keeps the water a few degrees under boiling and using the laws of physics vacuum seals and pushes the hot water into the coffee grinds. This means you will have a full flavor of your coffee.
  2. It's a visual experience you'll never forget (see videos below).  This will make your event memorable. Watching the process piques visual interest and awakens your senses more than a drip coffee maker does because you can see art and science in action.
  3. The aroma. The coffee’s aroma becomes trapped inside the globe mechanism which influences flavor and produces a clean, crisp and vibrant tasting coffee that can’t be replicated by a drip brewer.


Currently we are only offering these services in the Charlotte market.

rates (hours of bar service 3/hr during am or 4/hr pm)

  • $7 per person (min charge of 25 individuals, up to 75).
  • $6 per person (75+ to 100) over 100 people contact directly for individual packages
  • 20% gratuity added to all rates
  • add $1/individual for iced coffee menu (especially popular during warmer months and with non casual coffee drinkers)


  • espresso shot - our non-boil coffee espresso shot made from our cold brew concentrate
  • coffee black - smooth aromatic non-boil coffee
  • cappuccino - equal parts coffee, milk, & froth
  • flat white - equal parts milk & coffee (no froth)

Ice Coffee Menu

(our cold brew is steeped over 24 hours compared to 12hrs for most, ensuring a deeper, smoother flavor)

  • cold brew - equal parts concentrate to water ratio
  • iced coffee - cold brew & available organic coffee creamer of choice
  • iced macchiato - equal coffee &  available organic coffee creamer of choice