Our commitment to you

 In 2011, my brother and I were on a layover in Hollywood on our way to Hawaii’s Big Isle. After a night of enjoying the Hollywood night life, and needing an energy boost, we found trendy little restaurant called the Blu Jam Café where we ordered a cup of coffee.


After a life of mediocre flavored coffee I was so blown away by the rich flavor of their coffee I ordered a second cup. Our coffee drinking lives were forever changed.

While on The Big Isle we visited coffee farms and drank some of the best coffee of our lives. We came back to the Carolina's and searched to find the great tasting coffee we discovered on our trip. We couldn’t. We searched in Atlanta cafes, and cafes and coffee houses in DC, NYC, and Dallas, but no matter where we went we could not find that great flavor that we found in the beauty of Hawaii. Exasperated, that winter, I decided to start to roasting coffee myself.

It was pretty terrible.

Desperate to find that same richness and flavor, I tried again. I kept trying until it became better and better. Much better!

I learned that there are three important components in the coffee roasting processes:

1. Coffee has more flavors than wine (has over 1000 distinct flavors)

2. The caramelization of the beans during the roasting process.

3. The proper roast profile of beans is different depending on the altitude where the bean is grown.

Using these three performers we have keyed in on a roast profile that we think will amaze and impress you!

We specialize in specialty single origin coffee beans & micro roasting.  We create every bag of coffee to order.  Never will your coffee sit in storage waiting on your order.

How do I pronounce COWO?

K(oh) Whoa

What is COWO short for?

Coffee & Working 

How long have you roasted?

Over 7 years now

Do you stand behind your product?

Does a bear… (you get the point). We offer a full refundable money back guarantee